We have built our model to be extremely efficient, while still providing the service you expect. We look to our technology partners to provide further innovation in products and services. We are involved with new methods of cleaning and disinfection using oxidative chemistries.  

Our sister company, DeepReach Oxidation, is a pioneer in chlorine dioxide fumigation. We see future integration of this technology into the animal health and food processing sector.

Read more us and our history below.

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  1. We are a small family business and care about our customers.
  2. Service and attention to your needs is our highest goal.
  3. We have developed a lean business model so that we can pass savings to you.
  4. We partner with others, both large and small, to bring the latest in technical advances to you.
  5. We know you understand that with EPA registered products, the active raw materials are the drivers to a product’s performance…not marketing hype.


Envyss’s animal health division was started out of the vision of Charles Reeves who in the 1990s and early 2000s led BioSentry® to a worldwide distribution of products for poultry, swine, and other specialty areas in over 50 countries.   

Significantly, in 2002 he structured a trade and technology transfer agreement with Venky’s India. The BioSentry® brand of disinfectants, cleaners, and poultry programs was strategically integrated into Venky’s impressive animal health portfolio. Over the last 18-plus years, Mr. Reeves and Venky’s have worked to grow and expand biosecurity offerings.

After selling the BioSentry® assets in 2004 to Dupont® — but excluding the exclusive rights of BioSentry® in India and the SAAR region — he continued his interest in the sector, looking for new technologies.

Today, with a new and innovative portfolio of products, Envyss (pronounced “N-Vis”) offers products having both exceptional performance and whenever possible a preferred environmental profile. The name Envyss is a play on the phrase “environmentally envisioned!” We offer traditional and environmentally preferred products so that our customers can make the choice. 

We are sensitive to the lack of responsiveness that distributors face. We know price and service are what distributors need. And, we know a small company bringing innovation is the key to helping the customer in the field. We look forward to serving you today.

Dupont® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.


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