Envyss is proud to be associated with the V H Group, commonly known as Venky’s, the largest fully integrated poultry company in Asia. B.V. Bio-Corp Ptv. Ltd. is the segment group handling biosecurity products, feed additives and supplements and the production and license of BioSentry® products. The VH group was established in 1971 by Dr. B.V. Rao, known fondly as “The Father of the Indian Poultry Industry.”  His daughter, Chairperson Madame Anurada Desai, has led the company for the past 20 years. Through her vision, the company expanded its many technical partnerships, including with Envyss and BioSentry®.

The VH group today plays proud parent to a number of reputed organizations under its wide umbrella and successfully caters to poultry and its allied sectors.


We are also so pleased to be partners with DeepReach Oxidation.

The company was founded in Norman, OK in 2004 as an outgrowth of an idea that was spawned from Founder Walter O. Hardy’s experience serving on the 2001-2002 Anthrax Remediation team in Washington D.C. 

For its first two years of existence, it was essentially an R&D company, designing and building equipment, commissioning studies, and working projects to support efforts toward an EPA Registration for the process.

DeepReach Oxidation’s DRO5000 (USEPA # 82484-1) was authorized in August of 2006, five years after the “Guidelines” were published. After receiving the State of Oklahoma operating license, DeepReach Oxidation began operations in early 2007.


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